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February 3, 2013
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One Piece Rainmeter Skin by ZakycooL One Piece Rainmeter Skin by ZakycooL
Last update 27/02/2013 version 1.1.2

This is One Piece Rainmeter Skin for 1366x768 screen resolution.

The wallpaper is One Piece Wallpaper made by Macky-516. But I modified it a little and included it in this skin at Support folder.

:bulletblue: How to install :
- Download the latest version of rainmeter at
- Download this rmskin, then install.
- Change the wallpaper with One Piece wallpaper. You can find it at Support folder after the skin instalation. I must say you should change the wallpaper with it, because the skin and wallpaper support each other.

Included in this skin :
:bulletyellow: Menu Launcher. Put your mouse on each character, it will display hidden menu if you click on them.
:bulletyellow: Skull Clock with staring eyes.
:bulletyellow: Old Calendar with knife stuck on it.
:bulletyellow: CPU, RAM and Network.
:bulletyellow: HDD1 and HDD2.
:bulletyellow: Battery Meter. It will show different color bar depends on percentage of your battery. Red (0-30%), Yellow (30-70%), Green (70-100%).
:bulletyellow: Recycle Bin. There are ship recycle bin and skull recycle bin. Choose what you like.

Most of the images used in this skin is made by myself.
I use old paper stock 02 and old paper stock 03 by ftourini as base of the calendar.
I use One Piece Icons by zerocustom1989 for the Menu Launcher icons.
The rest I just browsed them on internet.

If something's going wrong please let me know. Hope you like it! :-)

:bulletred: Little Update : Check another version of Old Calendar here : Bone Calendar 1.2 by ZakycooL

:bulletred: Update 27/02/2013 :
- Add intro.ini file, so when first time installing this skin, you will get One Piece theme just the same like preview. Remember this skin is fit for 1366x768 screen resolution.
- Add MenuConfig to customize Menu Paths. Click config button at lower right.

I'm just ordinary guy who want to share something - ZakycooL

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I cant remove the ship below!!! 
You mean to unload or move it?

If Unload, right click the ship then choose Unload skin.
If move it, open Manage Rainmeter (Right click the ship, choose Manage Skin). Find 'Ship Recycle Bin' at One Piece folder (Recycle Bin folder), then just change the Coordinates.

Hope this will help. :-)
Lhanz123 Nov 4, 2013  Professional Filmographer
where can i get the link to DL this ? i have a rainmeter :3
Are you new to Deviantart?

Oh I see... You are.

Are you new to the internet?
I see your troll face there.... :p
for win 7 ?
ah , i still using win xp :v
Razorleaff Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work I love this!

Quick question, the secret menus when you hover over a character aren't aligned properly, and when I try to move a menu they all move along with it. How do I change this? Can I reset the skin perhaps? Thanks.
This is for 1366x768 screen resolution. If you have different screen maybe it's not fit. :-)

hey! cool skin. just one problem though. i can't set any games in the games category. it does not work. i have tried to edit the path in config settings but it still does not work. i can only set the path the folder that the game is where. i want that if i click the icon or template or logo in the game category, my game will instantly open. please help. much appreciated thanks. :D
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